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More About Us

Red Leaf is a company that has a simple, and yet ambitious, goal: deliver life experiences to those who understand that the future is multicultural and global and that the true value of education is nowadays in those global experiences.

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Why choose Red Leaf?

  • One of the leading brands of the language industry.
  • A solid and extensive experience in the field.
  • Offer a popular new destination to your students: Canada.
  • Supported by a multinational and multicultural staff.

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Main reasons to study in Canada!

Main reasons to study in Canada!

Studying in Canada has a lot of advantages, such as its multicultural society. There, in Canada, you will find different ethnic groups, and in consequence, you will be able to enjoy the variety of activities associated with every ethnic group. […]
Curiosities about Canada!

Curiosities about Canada!

If you want to live the exciting experience of studying in Canada during a period of time, before travelling you have to know several interesting things about Canada, its people and its customs [...]
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