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Red Leaf is a Canadian-Spanish company with 30 years experience creating links between Canada, Spain and the rest of the world

Red Leaf was born in 1986 with a clear goal: meet the needs of those seeking language training and life-altering experiences both in Canada and in Spain. For that reason, Red Leaf has always had offices both in Madrid and Greater Toronto Area. Our office in China has now joined this joint venture.

Red Leaf has been a proud member of Languages Canada since its foundation in 2008 and a proud member of ASEPROCE since 1997. All members of these two associations share the common goal of promoting quality and professionalism on multicultural experiences and safe-keeping the students’ interests, defending core values such as high-quality, flexibility, teamwork, open communication and preparation for the future.

Red Leaf prides itself in being one of the pioneers in offering language and experiential programs for juniors in Canada and is, to this date, offering these innovative and unique experiences to students and future professionals from all over the world. We work to provide our students with the best educational experiences in Canada and Spain, based on English and French language and personal skills improvement using one of the best Education systems in the world.

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We are ready to answer any of your questions about us, our programs or Canada as a destination for your experiential programs. Just ask us and we will answer you.

Travel Guide

Download our travel guide to Canada or check our information sections about the country so you have all the info you need without having to surf the Internet for hours on end.


The RED LEAF programs

More than 30,000 juniors and adults have already taken part in one of our specially designed programs.

Red Leaf supports talent development and understands that being fluent in more than one language is of utmost importance for everyone who wants to have his or her best chance at success in a global world.

We offer learning opportunities for everybody, starting with summer or ministay programs for the youngest to immersion and volunteering experiences for the adults.

All our programs use ESL or FSL as a tool to develop many other personal skills. Language training is no longer the one and only goal!

All Red Leaf staff is committed to these ideas and their goal is to offer the best service to those who wish to travel to Canada, taking care of them and training them.