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Exchange Programs

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About Red Leaf
  • More than 30 years of experience shaping leaders of the future.
  • A Spanish-Canadian company, at the forefront of educational mobility.
  • Promotion of Canada as our exclusive destination. 
  • Advisement to parents, students, schools, institutions and local governments on the creation, organization and execution of their plans for educational mobility. 
  • Our goal: To make sure that today’s youth can develop the necessary skills and responsibilities for their future.
Why an Exchange Program?
  • Exchange programs provides students with a unique opportunity to experience other cultures, educational systems and ways of life. Ultimately, to open their mind in an ever-changing global world.
  • Exchanges students become “different” in the most positive way, because they are demonstrating a commitment to finding out about other cultures, and because the time spent abroad is an opportunity to redefine themselves by experiencing what it truly means to belong to a certain country or culture. 
  • Those who live and study in another country can develop skills such as leadership, maturity, resilience, self-confidence and obtain a deeper knowledge of this globalized world.


How do we organize these Programs?
  • By being in touch with European organizations that have been running exchanges for a long time, taking advantage of their experience and well deserved reputation both in Canada and in Europe. 
  • They will select students, interview applicants and their families, do the matching in order to find the best possible partner for each student, take care that Canadian visitors are fully integrated in their environment and make sure that their family, academic and social life is satisfactory.
  • In Spain, we have made an alliance with International Student Exchange, a  Spanish company that have been running the exchanges with Ontario for more than thirty years, to be in charge of the Spanish part of the program. 
  • To promote this experience and create its awareness, the involvement of the School District is an essential part of the program.


What can you do to promote this Program among your students?
  • Identify teachers in High Schools who are interested in the well being and development of their students. You can introduce Red Leaf to these individuals so we can provide them with all the necessary information. 
  • Later on, we can visit them or have a conference call.
  • Collect application forms for the program and carry out the selection process. One of the most important aspects of the program is to be sure the student is interested in an academic and cultural experience, not just a funny three-month holiday in Europe.
  • To find out the student attitude on the program is vital. 


Who can participate?
  • We recommend Grade 9 for Canadians but we there are other options.
  • For Spaniards, they would be in Grade 9 and Grade 10.
  • Students who want to learn the language and experience life in another country and culture.
How does this Program work?
  • Each student must fill in the application in which they will introduce themselves and their family and school. This information is very important for matching purposes. 
  • Once received all the applications, we will look for the appropriate partner among the European applications according to their interests, hobbies, way of life… 
  • Our selection will be sent to families for a final approbation. 
  • Once the matching is completed, families should get in touch with the European ones.
  • European students will arrive in late August or early September. They will return late in November after a three month period. Each student will be enrolled in their partner’s school and is expected to attend classes and to take part in the activities offered.
  • Canadian students will travel to Europe in mid February, will be hosted in their partner’s home and will attend their school. They will return to Canada in mid May.


The Fee
  • Spain & Italy: C$1,999

    C$399 Registration Fee to be submitted by April 19, 2020
    1st installment of C$800 due by July 30, 2020
    2nd installment of C$800 due by November 30, 2020
  • France: $2,999

    C$399 Registration Fee to be submitted byApril 19, 2020
    1st installment of C$1,300 due by July 30, 2020
    2nd installment of C$1,300 due by November 30, 2020
What's included in the price?
  • Attendance at High School and with curricular adjustments if needed (due to language level)
  • Travel from to Toronto Pearsons International Airport to final destination
  • Medical insurance
  • Support during the process by Red Leaf Canada, Red Leaf Spain and French, Italian and Spanish Organizations.
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