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Where is your school located?
Red Leaf’s head office is located in Newmarket, just north of Toronto; however we do not have a school here.

We operate programs for Juniors in small cities and towns of 20,000 plus population, primarily in Southern Ontario, including communities such as Aurora/Newmarket, Barrie, Burlington, Guelph, Maple, Markham, Oakville, Pickering, St. Catharines and Kitchener-Waterloo. We find that these smaller communities offer the younger students more suitable host families and greater integration into the community rather than does a large city like Toronto.

We also run programs in British Columbia, especially in communities in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, following the same philosophy as in Ontario, and occasionally in Alberta, near Calgary.As teenagers can only come to Canada during certain periods of the year, we do not operate a year-round language school, only year-round programs.

What nationalities are registered in your program?

We receive students from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil & Japan.

Red Leaf is a member of Languages Canada: what does that mean?

Languages Canada is the premier language organization representing private language schools in Canada. This organization is recognized by the Canadian government and internationally by agents and other school associations.

Membership in this organization is limited to schools which meet and maintain rigorous standards of teaching English and French, and suitable accommodation for students of all ages.

What are your teacher qualifications?

As a member of Languages Canada, our teachers are required to have a Bachelor’s of Education demonstrating expertise in teaching Juniors.

It is also helpful if they have experience teaching English as a second language or another second language.

What levels of English do you offer?
Students are divided into different levels of proficiency according to their placement test.

We offer programs for five levels: Beginner, Upper Beginner, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. At all levels, the activities selected in the class are designed to engage students in meaningful exchanges among themselves as well as with people in the English speaking community.

Describe a typical host family?

All Red Leaf homestay family homes are thoroughly inspected and the families receive specialized information on hosting young ESL students, who have very different needs than adult ESL students.

All adults in the home present a clean criminal record check before being accepted as a host family. Of course, each family has different daily and weekly routines. Students should expect to be included in these routines and to enjoy some family outings on the weekends.

There are older families, younger families, single parents with children, families with no children. However, all families will care for you and will speak English in the house.

You can expect a comfortable room and three nutritious meals per day. Canadian families usually wake up early, eat meals early, and go to bed early.

What is the weather like in Toronto in July and August?

The temperatures in Canada vary in the summer. The Toronto area and the surrounding cities and towns can be hot and humid with temperatures over 30 degrees some days.

And Vancouver? In Vancouver and surrounding area, the summer is warm rather than hot, and the evenings are cool. Temperatures are around 25 degrees.

Describe the accommodations at Sheridan College:

Sheridan College is known for its comfortable private rooms: each student has a single room in a 2-bedroom suite, with 2 students sharing bathroom.

Each student has TV and telephone in their bedroom.

Describe the accommodations for English on the Road.

This program offers an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful areas of Eastern Canada combined with daily English lessons “on the road”.

The teachers are also the drivers of minivans which go in a convoy from Toronto to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.

Accommodations are in youth hostels, budget hotels, university residences, and include 2 or 3 nights of tent camping in a national park.

All teachers and students help with meal planning, preparation and clean-up.

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